Easy French Readers
M. Lapin appears in 5 stories and helps build vocabulary for many themes. The repetition in each book motivates students to join in the telling of the stories
Fairy tales told simply with questions and answers are easy for students to read and inspire creative writing using this technique. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Les Trois Ours, Les Trois Cochons

Poetry makes language rock. These 2 books inspire language acquisition with rhythm                                      Les Fêtes en poésie    $14.95 
                                   L'année en poésie    $14.95 
                            Included are: suggested activities, rights to reproduce for classroom use only.  

Hooked on French    $14.95   Where can you find over 50 games that support FSL? Hooked on French                                                                                   
"C'est Touchant!" $ 4.95   Le point de depart est n'importe quelle case.
De la, on passe a une case qui y touche. Les mouvements de haut en bas, de bas en haut, a gauche, a droite et diagonaux sont tous permis. Par example, a partir de las case L, on peut passer aux cases I, A, S, E, R, T, F OU E et ainsi de suite jusqu'a ce qu'on epelle un mot francais.
(Il faut ajouter ses propres accents.) Modele:
Si vous suivez les fleches, vous trouverez le mot, "leur".
                       Attention! On peut jouer chaque case une seule fois par mot. 
    L’alphabet… $14.95 26 beautifully original art cards. Each image becomes part of the letter it starts with and each represents something Canadian

French legends told in the present tense takes the stress out of French as a second language

                  Games used in French class make learning French FUN!

We offer whole language bingo games that require students to listen to , find, and repeat WHOLE sentences.
 We have flash cards that promote vocabulary learning. 
Our chain games :QUI" get students asking and answering questions in a flash. Hooked on French is a great book filled with wonderful games that students can make and then play with the class.

Ask to see all of our  over 30 "original art" French teaching posters which promote French vocabulary , French poetry and  fun for the walls of your classroom.
Feel free to contact us with your tried a teated resource. Sharing is a must for French second language teachers.

A full booklet for the French teacher to leave for substitute teachers. Ready made thematic activities, classroom routines, names of students all recorded. Make being away easier for you and the substitute  teacher !

Qui? The wonderful chain games that motivate students to listen, to read, and to speak. There are more than 20 themes to choose from. A great strategy for automatic responses to questions. food, clothing, feeling, prepositions, negative, time,feelings,jobs,places,body,.....

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